Positive ageing

Positive ageing..


50 is the new 30.  70 the new 50. Making your life a positive healthy experience to maximise your options for the future is something you owe yourself.

Advances in understanding of physiology, nutrition, exercise science Continue reading

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What a pain in the bum !

What a pain in the bum !

What a pain in the bum..

Ever wondered what your therapist is up to when they push their elbow into your hip muscles? The answer is often that they are trying to release tension from Piriformis, a pyramid shaped muscle Continue reading

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Sit up straight !

Don’t do that, you’ll get stuck


You have probably seen in the press some of the tragic outcomes of being distracted by technology; ears blocked, eyes down and lost in the virtual world at the expense of the real Continue reading

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Well done Carol

After some intensive Pilates and Osteopathic help our latest Tongoriro crossing graduate is…  very pleased !



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Just returned..

Great to have Ali Rainbow back at the clinic looking forward to helping more people reach their objectives ..

Ali has just come back from Queen Charlotte Sound where she took three of her exercise group on a significant adventure Continue reading

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A Good Nights Sleep?

A good nights sleep?

Peace Pillows

Most of us look forward to a good nights sleep in order to recharge and refresh for the morning , but for some poor sleep habits actually contribute to pain throughout the following day.

So what Continue reading

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Howat

Tony has finally made an honest man of himself and married the lovely Amy to become Mr and Mrs H.  We wish them both all the love in the world and a long and happy married life.

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Shouldering the burden

One of the more common presentations to osteopaths are shoulder pain issues.  One report indicates 15% of men and 25% of women reported shoulder pain from a study of 29,000 people, most significantly in the 50-55 years Continue reading

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