Osteopathy Services

Graeme , Cheri, Tony , and Clive

Services 1st Visit
(up to 1 hour)
Follow Up Visits
ACC Osteopathy  Adult $55.00 $55.00
ACC Osteopathy  Child / Student $30.00 $30.00
ACC Osteopathy  Over 70’s $30.00 $30.00
Private Osteopathy Adult $85.00 $85.00
Private Osteopathy Child / Student $60.00 $60.00
Private over 70’s (non ACC) $60.00 $60.00
Corporate (discounted packages available) $60.00 package dependent*
Use of western medical acupuncture incurs a needle fee of $1.50 per consultation

Conditioning Services

Performed by Alison*  and Mike**

These services are now offered in Devonport* and Cornwall Park**

Services 1st Visit
Sports Massage (30 mins) $45.00
Sports Massage (60 mins) $75.00
Pilates – mat and reformer (45 mins)* $60.00
Pilates Classes x4 1 hour sessions (groups of 4)* $80.00
Exercise therapy (30 mins)* $45.00
Weight loss and conditioning consultation* $75.00
SMEAEP Training package (5 x training and extended support)* $300.00
Primal exercise – outdoor groups of up to six (60 mins)** $15.00 per person/session
Primal personal fitness challenges (one on one) (60 mins)** $75.00

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Performed by Christiane

Time Price
20 mins $40.00
30 mins $50.00
45 mins $65.00
60 mins $80.00


Performed by Christiane

Time Price
15 mins $25.00
30 mins $45.00
45 mins $60.00


Our price list is valid from 01/10/2016.  For more information contact us.

Health Insurance Claims

We are providers to ACC , Southern Cross, and most health insurers.  If you have a policy that you wish to claim through, please check the details with your provider, or we will be happy to contact them for you.

Corporate Stress Management

We would like you to monitor your staff absences based on illness behaviours for three months prior to engaging our services.  We CAN PROVE the effect that a Corporate Stress Management can have on your bottom line.  The Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP) packages allow for corporates to have access to exercise and stress reduction programmes whilst saving as a tax deductible expense.  Call us for more information.