Here are what some of our customers testimonials say about Peace and Performance.  Just click on a heading to read more details.

I was treated for pain from osteo-arthritis for many years by Dr Graham Perry, whose specialty was Physical Medicine.  When he retired he suggested that an osteopath would suit me, because osteopaths have training similar to his own.  He recommended Graeme Saxby, and I have had seven years of help and support from him.  I have benefited greatly from Graeme’s hands-on approach, and his knack of finding exactly the areas which need to be loosened up.  I come away feeling much less pain and am able to move more freely.

He is helpful, but realistic, with suggestions about what I can do to help myself.  Graeme’s approach is holistic as well.  He is concerned for his patients’ general well-being, and takes into account their life-style, whatever that may be.  I always feel encouraged and optimistic after a session with him.  He has my whole-hearted recommendation.

Loved the name of this business and rang in 2015 with neck pain, hoping for a quick fix. It is now 2016 and I am very thankful to Tony Howat for helping me see that there is no quick fix as the neck pain was just one layer that was causing pain. Tony has helped with pain and anxiety so I can be drug free. I look forward to our weekly sessions as Tony always makes me laugh which is good therapy just on its own. I now have the confidence to start more exercise in my daily routine and I have started Pilates at Peace. Thanks to everyone at Peace Clinic especially Tony.

I have been feeling terrific the last two days with no pain in my leg from sciatica. you really did a great job and certainly the best treatment I have had for this problem which goes back to 1996.  I only got temporary relief from a chiropractor back in those days.  I did go to an osteopath too but again it was a brief respite only so my faith in the kind of treatment was not great.  You have certainly changed my mind about that.  I am right off taking any medications for the pain in the last 48 hours and so not requiring any.

Kind regards and again many thanks to Cheri for all your wisdom and skill in my treatment.

Cheri, Just letting you know that since you did that miracle work on me back in May I have had no re-occurrence of any sciatica problems whatsoever and have been feeling normal ever since.  Whatever that magic formula was please don’t forget it !!!

Funny how you take your health for granted and soon forget those times of pain and discomfort. I certainly have to remind myself how lucky I was to get cured.