Auckland’s Best Osteopaths at Peace and Performance

Repetitive stress injuries are an occupational hazard of many professions. People who spend hours on the computer, on an assembly line, or even working a grocery or retail store can wear out the muscles and ligaments needed to perform the necessary …read more.

Achieve Lasting Relief Through Osteotherapy in Auckland

Do you have an old injury that still bothers you? Does your doctor tell you that pain and discomfort is the expected long-term prognosis? Come and see us at Peace and Performance Osteotherapy. We are the authority in osteotherapy for the Auckland area …read more.

Osteopath for Albany Unlocks Lasting Relief

Are you sick of taking pills for pain that isn’t getting any better? Have you exhausted attempts at physical therapy only to get partial relief? Are you frustrated and want to get back to a time where your pain level did not dictate your activities …read more.

Osteopath near Takapuna Restores Performance, Mobility

Things got a little too extreme on your last adventure. You took a hard fall and ended up in the hospital. They say you will be okay but have sustained damage to you neck and back that could be permanent. This news will not go over well with your …read more.

Improve Your Health through Pilates in North Shore

In recent years, many people have discovered the health benefits of Pilates. This low-impact system of exercise can help improve your strength and flexibility without taking a toll on your body. Many people have helped meet their weight loss and …read more.

How Acupuncture at our Albany Clinic Can Help You Recover

Acupuncture is a powerful form of medicine which has helped many reduce tension and optimise their recovery and ability to function following injury or illness. Although originally from China, acupuncture has been applied in the Western world as well …read more.

Find Healing from a North Shore Osteopath

Do you suffer from chronic pain, particularly in your lower back or neck? If so, the gentle and non-invasive approach known as osteopathy may offer a solution and help you to return to a more active lifestyle. An osteopath is a medical professional who …read more.

Visit Peace and Performance Osteopathy in Albany for Acupuncture

Are you in the Albany area, and are interested in reducing pain or inflammation through the gentle, drug-free approach of western medical acupuncture? If so, Peace and Performance osteopathy in Albany provides acupuncture from two of our highly …read more.

Visit a Peace & Performance Osteopath near North Shore Today

As we age, our bodies tend to collect different aches and knots, and sometimes it seems like we cannot go a day without aggravating a sensitive spot in our body. Our backbones are meant to support our whole frame, but when the back begins to hurt too …read more.

Peace & Performance, near North Shore, does Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

When we use machines to do work that our bodies cannot do, we know that we must take care of those machines with regular maintenance and repair, or else they will become damaged and fail. Yet, even with all the wear that we put on our bodies, many of us …read more.

Keep your Body in Line with Western Acupuncture near North Shore

If you are a naturally-inclined person, then, surely, you are cautious about the food and substances that you put into your body. Drugs and processed food are designed to placate our body’s signals without really healing us, like duct tape. Eventually, if …read more.