Corporate Stress Management


In the past employers looking to help their staff by incentivising gym membership were penalised by a 64% fringe benefit tax. Now we are proud to be providers of the SMEAEP (stress management exercise association endorsed programme). This initiative allows REPS registered exercise professionals, of which Alison is one, to offer one on one and group exercise for employees without incurring the fringe benefit tax AND it is a tax deductible expense.

This facility is available through Alison Rainbow by prior arrangement so please contact 094481481 to talk through how this might work for your employees.  read more


Prevention Better Than Cure

We are here to prevent injury as well.  Prehabilitation has become the buzz word in the profession for getting to the root of a problem before it comes to you.  If you are aiming at a challenge this year, the Auckland marathon or a trip across the Tongariro crossing for example, come and see what we can do to make the experience a memorable one for all the right reasons.

  • Osteopathy to iron out the mechanical faults,
  • Acupuncture to relieve the pain,
  • Pilates to correct the movement patterns,
  • Fitness training and stress relief programmes to improve wellbeing,
  • Weight loss and Primal training to get you fit for a lifetime.