Welcome to the Peace and Performance Osteopaths

We aim to help you recover from pain and improve your conditioning. Whether you are feeling fantastic or fatigued – there is plenty we can offer through gentle osteopathic techniques, acupuncture or retraining strategies such as functional movement training and primal exercise training.

Relaxation Massage  

Osteopathy and Acupuncture

Osteopaths have 150 years of history backing up their principles of practice.  Many of these truths have been adopted by others but still the unique perspective and palpatory skills of the osteopath combine to find answers.  If you have been struggling with pain or immobility allow us to offer some insight and a strategy for recovery. read more

plus Luxurious Massage

Christiane provides a luxurious massage for the world weary.  Just a lovely way to spend your time, making sure the benefits of a relaxed body stay that way. Reiki treatments and Swedish massage are available during the working day Monday to Thursday from 20mins to an hour.  Take the stress out of your day today. read more The osteopaths offer bespoke training and functional movement improvements after osteopathic treatments have concluded, so you can start on the road to a fitter leaner  you. read more

plus Primal Training

Basic info;

1 person minimum for event confirmation      $15 per session    0900 to 1100   Sundays

Alternating months with Unzoo Movement -Peace, and Unzoo Movement -Performance sessions.(possibly more on request)

Unzoo Movement-Peace sessions;

Content: groundwork, basic primal movement skills, exploring/opportunistic training.

The aim of this session is to chill out, learn and play with primal movement, starting from the ground up and then progressively interact with the environment.


March 25

May 20

July 15

September 16

November 18

Based at: George Pannill Park, Clemows Orchard, Albany, Auckland, 3 min drive from Peace & Performance

Park/meet at end of Clemows lane.

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Unzoo-Performance sessions;

Content: harder boot camp sessions/lifting based combos OR extreme cross country/obstacle based journeys.

The aim of this session is to work hard/sweat, push comfort zones, develop your primal grrrrrrr.


April 15

June 17

August 12

October 14

December 16

Based at: Cornwall Park,  Puriri Dr, Epsom, Auckland 1051

Park/meet at Band Rotunda:

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read more     We are based in Albany on the north shore of Auckland , with plenty of parking available and we are well connected to SH1 and 18. Receive the best advice and quality treatment then gain a great result with the Peace and Performance team. read more