Low Back Pain

Low back pain is so common in western society that people have come to think of it as normal.  The world health organisation recognises it as a leading cause of disability across the world (World Health Organization (WHO) Global Burden of Disease report (2010)).  Poor posture, decreased physical activity and extremes of sport have all contributed to low back pain presentations.

The osteopaths at the Peace and Performance clinic have made a lifetime goal of understanding the way in which the musculoskeletal system is designed for efficiency.  They are the best equipped to offer solutions to back pain, through customised rehabilitation, exercise and therapy programmes that really identify the unique aspects of your presentation.

Medics have a tendency to call low back pain that does not have MRI findings “simple” low back pain. In our experience simple low back pain can rapidly become complex and intractable if left to chance. We offer sensible advice, and goals agreed with you so that you progress through your recovery without set backs.  The old adage of “Rest Ice Compression and Elevation” (RICE) is being progressively replaced by a medical model that advocates “Mobilisation, Exercise, Analgesia and Treatment” (MEAT) for best results.

Don’t let yourself become one of the millions who live each day with analgesic chemicals in their system when simple advice and lifestyle changes can do the job for you; act now (see www.caringmedical.com).

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Disc herniation graphically explained.  If you think this is you then we definitely need to talk about how you are managing the situation.





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