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Do you suffer from chronic pain, particularly in your lower back or neck? If so, the gentle and non-invasive approach known as osteopathy may offer a solution and help you to return to a more active lifestyle. An osteopath is a medical professional who takes a whole-body approach to health and wellness, partnering with patients to focus on prevention, treatment, and lifestyle adjustments which will promote the best possible outcomes. At Peace and Performance osteopathy, your visit to our clinic near North Shore with an osteopath could have potentially life-changing results.

With over sixty years’ worth of combined experience, we have treated a variety of conditions using osteopathic approaches, including neck and lower back pain, and we welcome new patients in North Shore. An osteopath may be able to diagnose any underlying issues you have using a technique referred to as palpation, along with additional medical checks looking at your overall health. Using this information, the osteopath will likely employ a form of therapeutic touch or manipulation to relieve tension or to promote proper function to your bones and muscles.

At Peace and Performance osteopathy, we can offer treatments which take your physical, mental and emotional health into account for dramatic results. Because of this holistic approach, an osteopath can take a variety of factors into consideration when developing your treatment.

Our friendly staff includes four osteopaths, two of whom have taught the technique extensively over the years. Come and see how an appointment at our clinic near North Shore with an osteopath may lead you on the path to healing and wellness.

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As we age, our bodies tend to collect different aches and knots, and sometimes it seems like we cannot go a day without aggravating a sensitive spot in our body. Our backbones are meant to support our whole frame, but when the back begins to hurt too much, our entire body can start to weaken. In these cases, many people resort to drugs to treat the pain.

Peace & Performance, located in Albany, NZ, is here to provide a natural solution that will guide your body through the healing process with a medical discipline known as osteopathy. Osteopathy is the practice of helping the body regain its optimal structure. When vital support points, such as your lower back or your neck, begin to hurt, you use the rest of your body to support your body, a job that those parts are not meant to do. Peace & Performance is the place to find an osteopath near North Shore that is trained to soothe those areas.

Each of our staff members is fully qualified, and although we prefer not to use the term “doctor,” we are qualified to do so. Peace & Performance is an osteopath near North Shore, but osteopathy is not all that we do. We are a practice that works to restore the natural balance and strength of the human body without resorting to drugs and other medicine. Come to Peace & Performance to visit an osteopath near you in North Shore, and come back to enjoy acupuncture, fitness training, Swedish massage, and more. As we get to know your body, get to know us, and you will want to return again and again for our special brand of healing.

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