Ever wondered how you could improve your sporting performance or felt limited by a frustrating old injury?  Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional athlete we have some valuable input.

Osteopaths specialise in finding and dealing with these annoying limitations.  Utilising a comprehensive case history, medical testing processes, the art of palpation, and testing techniques like the Y function and FMS screening tests, the osteopath can find and treat a range of problems. With agreed parameters to measure your improvement we can make tangible gains to your sporting performance whatever the discipline.

Particular experience has been gained in water sports where Graeme has worked on the professional windsurfing circuit. Cycling, marshal arts, running and competitive swimming are also areas where the practitioners have specialist knowledge.

Complex motor functions are not just the preserve of athletes. We have experience working with concert violinists and other musicians to ease the burden of the intense nature of professional performance, whilst maintaining the necessary dexterity to perform well. This study looks at the potential benefits of physical therapy (including osteopathy) for musicians.





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