PT Exercise, Pilates conditioning, sports massage and weight control

Wednesdays morning and evening – three sessions to choose from.

Sports massage, Pilates, weight loss and stress reduction programmes from one of the most experienced physical therapists in the country; Alison Rainbow.  Alison is a British trained physiotherapist now working as an Exercise Specialist (not registered as a Physiotherapist in NZ) who has turned her hand to a myriad of different disciplines.  Having brought up three children and built a house from scratch, Alison has also found time to develop a reputation for helping clients re engage with exercise, lose weight and recover their health.

Alison runs the following programmes from the Peace and Performance clinic:

  • Sports massage and flexibility , sports massage and reduced tension 30 mins – 1 hour
  • Postural assessment and advice. 1 hour , 30 minute revision sessions
  • Pilates 1 hour with mat work , reformer, bosu, swiss ball and functional performance
  • Sport specific training
  • weight loss and fitness – accredited REPS trainer
  • rehabilitation
  • Stress reduction programmes for industry – claim the expense through your company against tax (SMEAEP)


I would like to introduce you to a few of my ladies who have lost weight they are pictured at the top of each of the following pages.  I am very proud of all that they have achieved.



This is Debbie, a lovely social lady but whose weight had steadily increased over the past few years.  Debbie loved the gym and with training lost 9.7kg’s, (11.5 cm from her waist) and improved her cardiac fitness and strength.

Alison Rainbow for me was an inspiration.  I had struggled for years to lose weight and get fit.  Alison was professional, patient and knowledgeable in all areas of exercise and nutrition.  I could never have achieved my fitness and weight loss without her by my side.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.  Thank you Alison”.


This is Marie who had been very fit and just wanted to get back into it, feel more energised and lose a few kg’s. Marie worked hard in the gym, loved it and lost 7kg’s, regaining that lovely figure (11cm down at the waist). Marie has a great running style and quickly progressed from walking to jogging to running.

Alison worked with me to help me get back into a fitness regime after a long period of no proper exercise I had been on a course of treatment and lacked the push to restart.  I found Alison amazing always professional consistent and constantly in touch to ensure I stayed on course with the programme.  Alison encouraged me to try new things and develop confidence in my abilities I am now back on track and I owe it all to Alison.


This is Fiona who was steadily putting on weight over a 20 year period and culminating in some severe medical problems. This was a T- junction moment when she decided to change her life and with steadfast determination over 40 weeks Fiona lost 40kg’s. The gym was not an option so we trained once a week either indoors or out developing cardiorespiratory fitness, strength and core stability. Over this period and since Fiona has walked Queen Charlotte Track, Tongariro, run two half marathons, completed the Coastal challenge and regularly cycles, walks, jogs and enjoys a healthier life.

I started a weight loss and fitness programme with Alison 40 kgs overweight and with serious health issues and ended up achieving results better than my goals!  Alison’s background as a physiotherapist was very reassuring as we worked towards a healthier and fitter version of myself.  She kept our fitness sessions interesting and varied with goals that seemed unachievable at the start but became more and more attainable, and ended up being easily within reach. She kept me out of my comfort zone with challenges that improved my confidence and gave me passion for new experiences, while at the same time working within medical boundaries that expanded as my health improved.

She made sure my nutritional programme was healthy and encouraged habits of journal keeping to keep track of food and water intake, ensuring success under a system that was diverse and easy to keep to, with weekly weigh ins and discussions to reassure, encourage and motivate. She gave me the tools to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle so I can live the life I want to live in the best health possible!  I found health, fitness and a new passion for life thanks to Alison ….


This is Debs who is a lovely lady and loves life but realised that her body was not in good shape. She had always been very sporty but had not played for years. We worked on weight loss general fitness and strength and in 6 months Debs lost 20kgs. She is in great shape now and plays Masters hockey.

One morning I woke up and realised I was obese.  I had not felt confident or comfortable in my own skin for years but when I had to come up with a strategy to put on footwear I knew things had to change.  I felt helpless, ugly and depressed.  A chance conversation changed all that.  I was given Alison’s number and we started working together shortly after.

Alison has many talents which contribute to making her the perfect personal trainer.  Her manner is calm, confident, encouraging but firm.  Her experience as a physio therapist gives her an understanding of the human body and how to look after it.  Alison is able to provide a wide range of activities.  She is a Pilates instructor as well as being able to provide boxing, running, weights and much more.  Alison also provided me with nutritional advice and even meal ideas that were easy to follow and very clear.  Of all the skills that Alison has given me the biggest was the information / education to take what she has taught me and use it forever.  She made sure that I was developing the understanding of why I was doing what I was doing so that I would be able to continue on this journey myself.

I was worried about being selfish.  The time and money it would take from my family.  What I didn’t count on was how good I would feel and how much that has benefited my family.  I now swim with my children at the beach, have been selected for a representative hockey team, feel great about myself and provide a much healthier role model for my children.


I encourage you to take that first step, be brave. Alison is an amazing lady who can change your life.

Call for next available Pilates sessions 09 448 1481.