Primal Training

Primal Training – Mike McMillan has developed the concept UnZoo You. The idea is that you are not constrained by machinery in the way that you exercise, that it should be a fun outdoor activity session that follows the laws of human motion as they are determined by your unique physique.

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Mike is a MovNat trained instructor and brings years of experience to the role. He is a go to man for barefoot running technique, lifting, negotiating hurdles, crawling and even climbing trees. Mikes Blog.

Mike will be running personalised training weekend sessions not just for the fun of it , but to help you understand the primal movements that your body is capable of , and in some cases has forgotten. If you think you would like to explore your physical abilities to a higher level, make contact with us to see when Mike is next running a course. These are usually one hour on a Saturday morning but can be tailored to suit groups or individuals . They take place either at Cornwall park or at Albany. Then come back to base for a primal breakfast and debrief. Be prepared for anything barefoot, your body will love it.

Check out Mike in action here.

Check out the mov nat trailer to get a taste of the idea.

Dates for the Natural Movement sessions in 2017; Sundays at 9am-10am at One Tree Hill. Meeting place will be at the Cornwall Park sign inside the Green Lane West entrance. Pricing will be $15 per session. Remember to book using the link above.


Quarter 1. March 19. Restorative; balance, crawling & ground mobility, hanging and posturing.

Quarter 2. June 25. Traversing; running, climbing, jumping & landing.

Quarter 3. September 10. Manipulative; lifting, throwing, carrying & catching.

Quarter 4. November 19. Free form; flow , environmental interplay, & mindset movement.